Cogged Belt

Cogged belts are suitable for all industrial applications, particularly where small or sub-minimal sheave diameters are required.

We are one of the leading Cogged Belt Manufacturers & Supplier in Mumbai, India. Our main aim is to offer products of best quality so that customers can achieve optimum production, efficiency, minimum operating cost.

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Belt Type Top Width
A (mm)
B (mm)
q (°)
Belt Outside
Length in inches
ZX/X10 10.0 6.0 40 20-157
AX/X13 13.0 8.0 40 20-157
BX/X17 17.0 11.0 40 22-157
CX/X22 22 14 40 30-157
Belt Type Top Width
A (mm)
B (mm)
q (°)
Belt Ptch
Length in mm
XPZ 10 8 40 600 to 1900
XPA 13 10 40 600 to 4000
XPB 17 14 40 600 to 4000
XPC 22 18 40 1000 to 4000
Effective Length in inches
3VX 9.7 10 40 24 to 157
5VX 16 14 40 31.5 to 157

Raw Edge Cogged v belt manufacturer in India

Jigna Sales is a leading manufacturer & supplier of cogged V belt, which are designed to transmit power efficiently and with minimal slippage. Made from high-quality materials, a cogged belt is ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial machinery, automotive engines, and agricultural equipment. With Jigna Sales, you can trust that you are getting a reliable product that will perform consistently and meet your needs.


The cogged V-belt is a form of power transmission belt that is widely used in industry and automobiles. It has a series of teeth or cogs on its inner surface that are designed to mesh with pulley grooves. This toothed design improves grip and traction while also allowing for efficient power transmission.
A cogged belt is a V-belt with carefully placed teeth on the inner side. It is also known as a notched or toothed belt. These teeth engage with similar grooves in pulleys, avoiding slippage and increasing total power transmission efficiency.
The application decides whether a cogged or smooth belt is used. Cogged belts are helpful in situations requiring improved grip and less sliding, making them suited for high-torque applications. Smooth belts, on the other hand, are preferable when flexibility and low vibration are important.
Tooth belts, especially cogged V-belts, are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and machinery. They are often used to transfer power between drives, ensuring consistent energy transfer. The toothed design helps in the maintenance of perfect synchronization and removes the possibility of slide.
Cogged V-belts may last longer in some applications because of their toothed construction, which reduces wear and improves overall durability. The longevity of any belt, however, is affected by factors such as sufficient maintenance, load conditions, and the specific needs of the machinery or system in which it is employed.

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