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Rubber Banded Belts

Rubber Banded Belts are made up from Classical, Wedge or Narrow belts with strong tie band over them. Each band may contain the required number of belts. Maximum up to 5 belts in one tie, depending upon the drive conditions, are recommended.

Application :

Polydrive Rubber Banded belts are recommended on drives under the conditions

  • Severe vibrations
  • Vertical shaft drives
  • V-flat drives
  • Agricultural drives
  • Conveyer systems
  • Crushers, Compressors, Generator sets, Pumps, etc.


  • While using rubber banded belts it is always recommend to use standard pulleys with proper guard only
  • The proper belt sitting can only be obtained if the pitch distances maintained for the belts and for pulleys are same.
  • We recommend that the customer get back to us with details before using rubber banded belts to enable us to provide the best suggestions. Improper design using rubber banded belts can lead to rapid failure of the drive system.
Section   Dimension Angle

Pitch Distance mm Standard Min Pulley Dia Nominal Length
HB 17.0 13.0 40 19.0 ISO 5291 130 de Inside
HC 22,0 16.0 40 22.5 ISO 5291 210 de Length
HSPZ 10.0 10.0 40 12.0 BS 3790 67 dp In
H3V 9.7 10.0 40 10.0 ISO 5290 67 dp Inches
 Banded Belt Width Length of Banded Belt Side Length Banded Belt Banded Belt Angle Pitch Distance of Banded Belt
Size Width Thickness Angel Pitch
HA 13.0 mm 10.0 mm 40 15.9
HB 17.0 mm 13.0 mm 40 19.0
HC 22.0 mm 16.0 mm 40 25.5
HD 32.0 mm 21.5 mm 40 37.5
HE 38.0 mm 27.0 mm 40 44.5
HZ 10.0 mm 8.5 mm 40 10.3
HSPZ 10.0 mm 10.0 mm 40 12.0
HSPA 13.0 mm 12.0 mm 40 15.0
HSPB 17.0 mm 16.0 mm 40 19.0
HSPC 22.0 mm 20.0 mm 40 25.0
H3V 9.7 mm 10.0 mm 40 10.0
H5V 15.8 mm 16.0 mm 40 17.5
H8V 25.4 mm 25.0 mm 40 28.6

Rubber Banded V Belts Manufactures in India

Jigna sales corporation's rubber-banded V belts are a top-notch solution for many industries. These belts are made with high-quality materials designed to withstand harsh conditions, making them durable and reliable. With various sizes and styles available, Jigna sales’ rubber-banded belts are the perfect choice for any application that requires a strong and flexible belt. Rubber-banded Vbelts are an essential component of many industrial machines. We help transfer energy from the motor to the machinery, allowing smooth and efficient operation.


A banded V-belt is a form of power transmission belt that is commonly utilized in industry and automobiles. It is made up of several smaller belts (bands) that are connected together by a strong strengthening layer. Belts are typically V-shaped and fit into pulley grooves, offering an efficient means of transferring power between shafts.
The fundamental distinction is in their design. A single belt is a continuous loop composed of one piece of material, but a banded V-belt is made up of numerous smaller belts, or bands, linked together by a reinforced layer. The banded design increases strength, longevity, and load-bearing capability, making it suited for heavy-duty applications where a single belt may stretch or break.
The superiority of banded belts is determined on the application. Banded V-belts are useful in circumstances requiring more horsepower and load capacity. The reinforcing layer and segmented design equally transfer stress, lowering the likelihood of failure. For lighter-duty applications, however, a single belt may be enough and cost-effective. Finally, the choice between banded and single belts should be based on the machinery’s specific requirements and working conditions.

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