Poly V-Belts

Poly v-belt allows drive design to meet requirements of power grip and space. This belt also allows high drive efficiency on small pulleys at high speed and low vibration. It is also known as Rubber Ribbed Belts.

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Type of Poly V-Belts Available with Size Chart

Type Pb h a″ Details
PH 1.6 3 40 Details
PJ 2.34 4 40 Details
PK 3.56 6 40 Details
PL 4.7 10 40 Details
PM 9.417 40 Details

Poly v Belts Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Efficiency and Durability: Explore Our Poly V-Belts

At Jigna Sales, we specialize in providing advanced poly V belts that redefine power transmission solutions. Designed for superior performance and durability, our poly V belts outperform traditional V-belts in efficiency and reliability across diverse industrial and commercial applications.


A Poly V-Belt, also known as a Polyurethane V-Belt, is a power transmission belt that is used in a variety of industrial applications. It has many V-shaped grooves on its inner surface, which improves flexibility and efficiency in power transfer between pulleys.
Poly V-belts have a number of advantages. For starters, its design enables for greater surface contact with the pulleys, which results in improved power transmission efficiency. In addition, these belts are well-known for their great resistance to wear and abrasion, resulting in a longer service life. Because of their flexibility and low slippage, they are ideal for precision machines, and their quieter operation adds to a more comfortable working atmosphere.
A Poly V-belt drive is a power transmission system that transfers rotational motion between two or more pulleys using Poly V-belts. The V-shaped grooves on the belt mesh with corresponding grooves on the pulleys, resulting in a secure grip and effective power transfer. This type of drive is widely used in applications requiring precision and efficiency.
The Poly V-Belt Drive has several advantages. When compared to standard flat belts, its shape provides for greater power transfer efficiency. Because of the improved surface contact and grip, there is little slippage, making it great for applications requiring precise motion control. Furthermore, Poly V-Belt Drives are well-known for their longevity, durability to stretch, and low maintenance requirements, making them a dependable choice for a variety of industrial gear.

Jigna Sales poly V belts offer higher efficiency due to their multi-ribbed design, reducing energy loss and operating more quietly with less vibration. They are also more durable, withstanding harsh conditions and requiring less maintenance compared to traditional V-belts.

Our poly V belts are beneficial across automotive, industrial manufacturing, HVAC, and household appliance sectors. They efficiently power systems like engine components, conveyors, fans, and household appliances, enhancing operational performance.

We offer customization in belt profiles (number of ribs), dimensions, length, and materials to suit specific equipment and operational requirements. Special features such as coatings for enhanced grip or resistance to environmental factors are also available to optimize performance.

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