Industrial Belts

Industrial Belts

Jigna Sales offers a wide range of high-quality industrial belts designed to meet various industries’ needs. Their belts are made of durable materials to ensure maximum performance and longevity. From timing belt, Jigna Sales has the perfect solution for all the industrial belts application.  

Industrial belts are an essential component of machinery used in various industries, including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation. These industrial v belts are responsible for transmitting power and motion from one component to another, making them crucial for the smooth operation of machinery.   

Importance of industrial belts in machinery  

Industrial vee belt is an essential machinery component because they transmit power and motion from one component to another. Without industrial belts, machinery could not function properly, resulting in downtime and lost productivity. Industrial belts are used in various applications, including power transmission, and elevator systems.  

Overview of industrial belt manufacturing in India  

Jigna Sales is one of the leading industrial belt manufacturers india. The country’s well-established manufacturing industry produces a wide range of industrial belts, V-belt, timing belts, and more. Manufacturing involves using high-quality materials and advanced machinery to produce belts that meet international standards.  

Importance of choosing the right industrial belt and manufacturer  

Choosing the right industrial belts and manufacturer is crucial for the smooth operation of machinery. Using the wrong or low-quality belt can result in downtime, lost productivity, and even accidents. Factors to consider when selecting an industrial belt include the application, load capacity, and operating conditions.  

Industrial belts are crucial components of machinery used in various industries.  are a popular industrial belt used in power transmission. Jigna Sales is a leading industrial belt manufacturers india, producing high-quality belts using advanced machinery and materials. Choosing the right industrial belt and manufacturer is essential for the smooth operation of machinery and avoiding downtime and accidents.  


The industrial belt is a vital component in a wide range of machinery and equipment, acting as a driving force to convey power between rotating shafts. It is a loop strip of material, typically composed of rubber or other flexible materials, that is used to connect and move various mechanical parts in industrial applications.
There are multiple types of industrial belts, each modified to a unique application. V-belts, timing belts, flat belts, and ribbed belts are the four main types. The variety ensures compatibility with various machines and operational requirements.
Industrial belts frequently consist of tough materials like rubber, leather, or synthetic polymers. Shape and mold these materials into a continuous loop to ensure strength and flexibility during the production process. For enhanced durability, advanced procedures may include the use of strengthening compounds such as fibers or steel.
A power transmission belt with a V-shaped cross-section is known as an industrial V-belt. Its design provides for effective power transfer while also avoiding slipping, making it perfect for applications needing a dependable and strong connection between two shafts.

A: The three main types of V-belts are:


1. Classical V-belts: These are the standard V-belts with a trapezoidal cross-section, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


2. Narrow V-belts (or Wedge V-belts): These belts have a narrower profile and are often used in compact or high-speed applications.


3. Raw-edge V-belts: Featuring a design without fabric wrapping on the sides, these belts are known for increased flexibility and improved heat dissipation.


*Choosing the right type of V-belt depends on the specific requirements of the machinery and the conditions under which it operates.

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