Features :

Wedge Belts

Wedge Belts have been the result of continuous thrust by the manufacturers and the users on higher power transmissions with reduction in space requirements. Wedge belts can transmit high power to extent of 1.5 to 2 times the classical belts with same top width this has been achieved by the dimensional changes, part from better cord constructions used and the optimum placing of the cord line which provides the best support to the cord while in motion. For efficient performance of wedge drives it is essential that the proper tension be maintained in the drives, failure to maintain the same will render the purpose of wedge belts ineffctive.
Belts as per IS 14261 and BS 3790

Application :

Wedge belts are used primarily on all the new drives because of the space savings achieved by using these belts. Wedge belts find its extensive use in all industrial applications from light duty drives to heavily loaded drives

Standards and Dimensions :

Polydrive manufactures the entire range of wedge belts. The nominal length designation for wedge belts is the pitch length in mm

Section Dimension Angle Pitch Width Belt Length Factor Standard Recommended Min
pulley diameter
Deg. Wp
Li to Lp
Li to La
SPZ 10 8 40 8.5 37 50 IS 14261 67 710-4953
SPA 13 10 40 11.0 18 63 IS 14261 100 1320-9144
SPB 17 14 40 14.0 28 88 IS 14261 160 1320-13000
SPC 22 18 40 19.0 30 113 IS 14261 224 2550-12500

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