The impact of a broken timing belt on engine performance

Introduction The timing belt is an essential part of an internal combustion engine. It coordinates the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft to ensure that the engine’s valves open and close at the correct times during each cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes. Without a functional timing belt, the engine cannot operate properly, leading to significant […]

Timing belt vs timing chain: which one is better

Introduction When it comes to your vehicle’s engine, the timing belt or timing chain plays a crucial role. It ensures that the engine’s valves open and close at the correct times, which is essential for optimal engine performance. However, many drivers are unsure about whether a timing belt or timing chain is better for their vehicle. […]

Timing Belt- Definition and Functions Diagram Working

Introduction   In a car’s engine, a timing belt, which you might also hear called a timing chain or cambelt, links two crucial parts. This component ensures the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft turn in sync, allowing the valves to open and close smoothly. Imagine it like a choreographer, ensuring every dancer hits their mark perfectly. Depending on […]

Cogged Belts vs. Timing Belts: Which Is Better for Your Application

Introduction V-belts are widely used in machinery and engines. The V-shape increases friction for better power transfer. Wrapped V-belts vary in quality based on design, maintenance, and pulley size. With time, efficiency decreases. Improper tension and slippage can damage the belt. Choosing between a Cogged V-belt and a timing belt for high performance? We’ll guide […]

Jigna Sales Corporation: A Leading Manufacturer of Various Industrial Belts

Jigna Sales Corporation is a prominent manufacturer of industrial rubber belts established in 1972. They have carved a niche for themselves as a leading global supplier, taking pride in their commitment to client satisfaction. Their extensive experience and expertise in the field have positioned them as a reliable source for high-quality industrial belts. Jigna Sales […]

What is a V-Belt Used For? – A Comprehensive Guide

V Belt

Industrial V-belts, the workhorses of the factory floor, are often overlooked despite their critical role in keeping machines humming. These unsung heroes tirelessly transmit power between rotating shafts, ensuring everything from assembly lines to heavy-duty crushers function smoothly. Discovering the Uses of V-Belts: Taking You Beyond the Basics While V-belts might seem like a simple […]


Timing Belt

Complete insight into the Timing belt and its uses. Read on to understand its functioning, importance, effects of the bad timing belt, life length, and how to identify the failure. What is a Timing Belt? A crucial component of your car’s engine, the timing belt ensures that many of the moving parts work in unison […]

Timing Belts: Their Design, Types, Applications, and Benefits 

Timing Belt

What are Timing Belts?  Timing belts, also known as cambelts, function as timing chains in engines featuring larger bores and strokes. They play a crucial role in the operation of internal combustion engines by synchronizing the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft. When these two components are in harmony, the valves and pistons operate in […]

A Complete Guide to What is a Teflon Belt? and how to maintain it? 

Teflon belts

Introduction  Conveyor belts come in diverse materials such as metal, rubber, fabric, thermoplastics, and leather. Teflon conveyor belts, classified as a plastic material called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), stand out as one of the most resilient and versatile conveying solutions available. Their applications span various industrial and commercial environments, encompassing warehouses, manufacturing facilities, product packaging factories, grocery […]

What is a v-belt? Types, Design, Uses, Advantages and Application 

v belt drives

This brief guide covers types, designs, benefits, and applications to help you learn V-belts fundamentals. This blog briefly introduces V-belts to help you grasp them, whether you’re a machine enthusiast or looking for helpful information.  Overview of V-Belt  V-belts facilitate the smooth transfer of mechanical energy in machines like power highways. Consider the engine of […]

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